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Things that should be added into Codea

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Here is a list of things I have compiled of new features for Codea. I've only been working with Codea for about a year, so this will be the first big update I've been through. Here's my list:
* .gif files, sprite() can only work with .png files for now, but that makes animation so difficult, it would be great to have some animation
* alert() function has more options, it should be able to have more than just one button
* Bluetooth support, socket has been proven to not be reliable, it would be a lot of help for Bluetooth for pvp games
* access to the Photo Library some apps would be awesome if the user can select some of their own photos for extra functionality
* Network Add network connections from device to device for multi-player (idea from @fuzzyTew)
This is a super small list, I guess i was just too lazy to add anything else. This is meant for people to add on to. Please give suggestions.




  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Those are pretty good, small requests that we might be able to expose.

    The gif one is probably trickiest, because the most simple way to expose it (e.g., sprite("Documents:SomeGif", x, y) would require that we keep internal state of where the animation is up to, so repeated calls to render the same sprite actually renders different images.

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    @Simeon Honestly, looking at Codea right now, I'd say your a genius, this shouldn't be the biggest obstacle for you.

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    I am actually working on a gif encoder/decoder myself.. but I don't have much time right now, so I can't tell any release date.

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    I was disappointed to learn there is no good way to make realtime multi-user experiences in Codea. It would be great if there were some API, high or low level, to allow to send network data between peers. I read elsewhere low-level sockets were difficult due to the code running out of a draw callback. One solution could be an additional network-ready callback. Alternatively a higher level API might allow communication only with other Codea instances.

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