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Computing string sums? Ie "40+2"

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Can we compute string sums like "1/2" or "40+2" etc directly without a more elaborate string interpreter function?

I tried print( tonumber("1/2 ") ) but that failed as expected...


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    @Kirl There is a function called load, which loads a function in the form of a string.

    function setup()
        local str="40+3*4/4" --should print out 43
        local val=load("return "..str)()
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    Excellent, thanks a lot cc! =)

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    @CamelCoder wasn't it called loadstring?

    a = loadstring("return 63 / 2")()

    Was the name of the function changed? Or am I just wrong?

    Edit: I tried both load and loadstring. They both seem to work the same... Can someone please explain to me why. Thanks :smile:

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Both ways work, so either one can be used in this case.

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    @Kolosso As @dave1707 said, both work. I used to use loadstring(), but then I realized that it would be simpler to use load() because it is actually in the auto-complete.

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