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Classes disappearing from large projects

in Bugs Posts: 1,255

I've recently been having issues with projects that have grown beyond 25 classes.

In particular, I have two projects where, when I add, or even move, a class within the project, it can cause other classes to disappear without warning. One of these projects has 26 classes. The other has 25.

I've been breaking the projects apart into libraries, but it can be difficult to do so because of dependencies. If I go into one of these two projects now, and add a new class, it will delete the right-most class off the existing set.

It seems natural enough that there should be some limit, but the fact that classes are disappearing without warning is scary and represents potential code loss. Fortunately, I had recently exported this project, so I can recover the code from the export.

This is under version 2.3.8 (82)

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