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Network access

edited April 2012 in Suggestions Posts: 2

it would be fantastic to have some network access. No matter wether on Socket Level or HTTP. At least a client support. A server support would be spectacular.
A possible inspiration could be the LuaSocket library.

This would open up a plenthora of possibilities for things like home automation with arduinos, news ticker, multi user game worlds, etc. etc.
Thanks for your efford so far, keep going!


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,417

    This is coming very soon, @mstolt. Version 1.4 will have a http.get API that we think is quite good.

  • beebee
    Posts: 381

    That's a great news, @simeon. But would it be rejected by Apple? Since such feature had been rejected by Apple from iLuaBox. I could understand Apple's concern because user side networking API is more "dangerous" than app side code sharing feature. With such API, now anyone could make any networking function, not just limited to code sharing.

  • Posts: 2

    @Simeon great news, thanks!
    @bee The current iLuaBox does have netwoork access. As in-app-purchase or build in in the pro version. May be apple is no longer so harsch with their policy?

  • Posts: 122

    That is awesome. I am seriously looking forward to version 1.4. Network access has been the one thing keeping me from using Codea for things other than games.

  • Posts: 2,820

    Well... Take a look at what I discovered:
    TLL updated it a little early. It has all the new functions in it :-D
    Love it!

  • Posts: 122

    Wow! Awesome. I wonder how far away from 1.4 we really are.

  • Posts: 2,820

    Not far at all, as far as I can tell from Simeon's comments. We'll see.

  • BortelsBortels Mod
    Posts: 1,557

    I suspect the biggest thing standing between you and 1.4 is Apple. Fingers crossed.

  • Posts: 4

    The possibility that we will get an http.get API is very exciting. This allows for some really interesting app possibilities, especially now that the runtime library is available!

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