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*.Codea file format manipulation - anyone got it working?

I am trying to move a Codea project to and back again from Codea to Git2Go or Working Copy.
It seems to get to the Git clients ok, but them when I try to open them back up in Codea, Codea just crashes.

Has anyone been able to up a Codea file into Codea yet?


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    Yes. Working Copy has a “Copy as Codea Project” option. Tap the share button, and “Copy as Codea Project” is one of the options. It puts the project in your clipboard in paste- into-project mode. This doesn’t include any assets. But then, the zipped project export option in Codea doesn’t export assets that are outside the project.

    iOS 11 has a number of interesting changes to file handling. If the developer enables it, apps can now receive multiple files at once. Previously it was just one file at a time, hence the need for folders or groups of files to be zipped.

    The ideal model would be if Codea projects could be stored anywhere, and opened by Codea using open-in-place. You could keep your Codea files in Dropbox/ iCloud/ Working Copy or wherever, and solve backup/ version-control issues at a stroke.

  • So I know Working Copy and Git2Go do support multiple files, so I assumed it should be working with the *.Codea directory. It does work getting the files out to these programs. The problem is Codea crashes when you bring them back in.

    Wondering if anyone has successfully brought back in a *.Codea folder.

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    My answer above is describing bringing a .codea program back into Codea. I just tried it and Codea didn't crash

  • What app were they in before you brought them back into Codea?

  • em2em2
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    @MrCoxall I think project import is broken in the new update.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @em2 is it broken? I’ll look into that
  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @yojimbo2000 totally agree on open-in-place
  • em2em2
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    @Simeon look at the bug thread. I elaborated on the issue a little there.

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    @MrCoxall I’m talking about Working Copy. In Working Copy, while looking at a .Codea folder, tap the share button in the top right corner, scroll the bottom actions row, tap the "copy as Codea project" action. It's an action that the developer of Working Copy created specially for Codea users, but you don't seem to believe me that it's there and it works! :-P
  • @yojimbo2000 Yes, I know Working Copy has the “Copy as Codea project”. I have used it. The problem is that it is only the code. I want to move all the assets that are saved in the project file as well.

    I can move the code and he assets to Working Copy, I just can not get them back.

  • @em2 Could you point me to the bug thread you are talking about?

  • When I use Git2Go, it starts the process to let me import the *.Codea folder, but then I get this error.

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