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maybe a bug found, report here.

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in the day, I made a new txt file in document folder

then I edit it , add some text inside.

then close the file. I can see some small texts on the file photo part ( when it is made at beginning, it is full white . now it is with some texts, then we can see some marks on photo. it is so nice )

then I returned to code. when I choose material, I find the file is a blank.

then I go to the file place. I delete it and make a new file-- edit it-- close ..
in this time, I the file is ok. I can read it and do something to it.

just now, I sync some txt files by drop. sync is ok. but all files are blanks.

on the pages photos, all are blank. I edit some , nothing in file.

I also test by code. nothing inside.

bug is found in last version(top part of above ) . I found update , then I delete all txt and update. then I sync again. but bugs are still there .

now all txt files are useless in pad.

pls help to check . thanks.


  • I did test by following step:

    just changed .txt to .json ...same as above. page is still blank.

    in codea--document, made a new txt as aaa.txt. write something in page. after closed, it is still with text.

    copy it to dropbox. then sync.

    in drop box., download aaa.txt to computer.

    open..... find all are in one line. no "\n" .

    delete all. copy-paste something inside. not in same line ( with "\n")

    copy to dropbox.


    in codea-dropbox. this txt is good. all texts are there and not in one line ( contents are same as file in computer )

    is the formating or coding of TXT has difference ?

  • sorry that just remember one thing.

    the txt files downloaded is .lrc acturally. to see and edit the contents, they are changed to .txt. but acutral file is still .lrc. so cannot be seen in codea. I need to copy all and paste to new txt files. huge jobs.

    sorry to trouble.

    thanks for greating updating of codea. !!! the great 3D world !!!

  • for note , one more thing about this is

    the default txt coding in win10 is ANSI,

    this cannot be supported well in codea. as I made new txt file and update to dropbox and sync to pad, nothing is shown.

    unicode and unicode big are not supported also.

    only the UTF-8 format is supported.

    we can open the original file and click "save as " , in bottom, we choose utf-8 ...then cover the original file. then sync. codea only support this coding .

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