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Codea and iOS11.1

edited November 2017 in General Posts: 1,757

It looks like the latest upgrade of iOS - 11.1, has resolved the File App problems we’ve seen previously, the app seems slicker and more robust. Hope this is stable as my other file manager options are no longer compatible with the iOS upgrade.



  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,464

    @Bri_G It’s good to hear that iOS 11.1 looks like it fixed the Files App problems. It seemed like half the time I tried to use Files, it wouldn’t show any files. I would have to power cycle my iPad to get Files to work. I normally wait a week to download a new iOS version just to see what problems people run into, so it will be awhile before I try it.

  • Posts: 1,757

    @dave1707 - delay is probably a wise decision recent Apple upgrades have appeared to be very buggy. Must frighten the developers when they get prior knowledge of a ‘New Upgrade!’

    Still early days but fingers crossed, this roll out is parallel with MacOS rollout in which the new ADFS is being launched which , apparently, brings a number of significant improvements with it - speed, compression, encryption etc. We’ll see.

  • edited November 2017 Posts: 1,757

    @dave1707 - one of the other features promoted by Apple is the iCloud integration for photos. Apparently, if you link to the new photos system all your photos will be stored in the Cloud and automatically loaded from cameras, phones iPads etc relieving your iPad of the storage needed freeing up memory on your pad. You can link in family into your account and access from pads, macs and pcs. Brave new world. Not on my agenda, but could prove popular with iPhone users.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,464

    @Bri_G The things I don’t like about the Apple iOS updates, they seem to be trying to include the functions of all the popular Apps into the iOS. It just gets bigger and slower and things don’t seem to work as well. I would like to see them create an iOS that does just the basics of what it needs to do. Then if you want any of the bells and whistles, you can include which ones you want as add-ons. Probably more than half of the iOS is loaded with things I don’t need and would never use.

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