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In-app browser data

Hello all,

Are there any internal hooks into the browser data that I could use from within code? For example, a way to query for the last url loaded, or last html source loaded, or anything like that? I suppose it would be like using openURL, but the data being loaded into a table instead of a browser...




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    The API provided is quite simple but you can make a lot of cool stuff with it. You can make http.request to any url. If the server returns something, then you can read the response. You could also cache the urls you call, to preserve the historyof calls. You can use udp und http protocols. just google lua sockets to see whats's possible.

    I made for example an interface to twitter, which allows me to use the whole twitter API and manipulate my timeline. But you could also connect to databases or FTP servers or Websites or anything really.

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