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Codea 2.5.2 (99)

dave1707dave1707 Mod
edited February 2018 in General Posts: 8,456

Codea 2.5.2 is now in the App Store for download.


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    Thank you, installed and running fine.
  • text search works much better now :)

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    i notice that if one uses ‘edit’ then ‘add to’ to copy a model asset from the dropbox folder to the documents folder then the code won’t run. I guess the associated .mtl file is not copied? There is not an option to copy a model to the ‘project’ folder.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @piinthesky good catch, that's probably the reason. Will add it to the list to fix.

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    @piinthesky I have experienced problems with copying model files to the local Dropbox folder. I have seen untextured models in the directory display. When I have manually downloaded files with the file app including associated mtl files, if both files are valid, then textured images in the directory are displayed.

    When you say the code didn’t run were you returned to the main Codea screen or the edit screen. I have loaded the Xwing and Tie fighter objects from Ignatz using the Dropbox selector in the code and the environment is displayed with the model. but, the model is so small on the screen you can’t see it. You have to zoom in. You need to set up camera viewpoints close to the model or move the model in that case. I have suggested that a call to get the average vertex point of a model be available so that you can find it’s location.

  • @Bri_G i am pretty sure the .mtl file is not copied over by codea when trying to move a model from dropbox to documents using the selector. the reason being that the x-wing model lost its colour in the document selector display after the transfer. i guess if the .mtl file is missing codea does not like it and throws an error.

    (actually if in the selector one could see all the files with their extensions that would be nice).

    i still have not been able to use some of my blender models, they cause an error message even though the codea selector, blender and the mac does display them. it seems to happen with the bigger models, but that could be just a coincidence. they did work with the @yolimbo2000 obj loader.
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