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X & Y Axes

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Is there a way to move the X & Y axes to the middle of the screen, rather than the bottom and left edge, similar to rectMode(CENTER) vs rectMode(CORNER)?


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 7,677

    Try translate(x,y), maybe that would work for what you want.

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    Of course! That sounds like the solution. I plotted diagonals using the y intercept, which took me a while to get right, and my console open without thinking. When I tried it fullscreen and the y axis moved, it broke everything and I was too frustrated to think of the obvious.

    You’ve helped me multiple times @dave1707. I’m not a very good programmer, so I can’t offer much in return in that regard, but I am an experienced graphic designer. I’d like to return the favors some day.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 7,677

    @n0ogit Thanks for the offer, but I don’t do any programming that involved where I would need any graphic designs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t help someone here that might need something. That’s the whole purpose of this forum, to offer any help to those who ask.

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    @n0ogit, once I discovered the translate, as @dave1707 mentioned above, and rotate function along with their related functions it opened up new door to graphical-type programming.

    I define entities around (0,0) then translate them anywhere on the screen. Keeps things simple.

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