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How do you code a program to detect steelseries nimbus?

edited June 2018 in Questions Posts: 23

I’ve written lots of programs for just the touch interface for Codea. But I finally bought a steel series nimbus controller and was wondering if codea can detect it.

Its worth noting that the steel series nimbus was designed specifically with Apple’s tablet ios in mind. But it works on bluetooth.Ikve already paired it with my tablet.

I was just wondering how would you detect the controller in codea.


  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
    Posts: 643

    Hi @Rdo, currently Codea does not support MFi controllers, but it is something we have planned. If you really want to try it out you can write an addon if you have access to xcode and try it that way.

  • RdoRdo
    Posts: 23

    how would I code the addon? Is there a way to do it using luasockets?

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