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http.request or

AnatolyAnatoly Mod
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I’d like to ask here if somebody is experienced with web apis and connections.

What would you prefer for a real time connection? PS. If it helps I’m working on a remake of the player in client and I’m trying to do it with codea. Does anyone know what’s good for a real time updating connection?


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    I think you can use both protocols: http and udp. udp might be a little faster though (as far as I hear), but it does not guaranty that your client receives the message. you would need to roll out your own checking on that end.

    Anyway, the biggest issue ist the "hole punching" that you need to perform in order to know your real network ip (which is another level of complexity). You could use a remote sever as a message transmitter but I dont want to go into detail on that end. try to read a little about http and udp and you will get some overview quickly.

    # edit: ehm, that was about doing it manually. there are maybe services that do that for you. one example is using this realtime json database

  • AnatolyAnatoly Mod
    Posts: 889

    Thank you @se24vad

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