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Shade 1.0 (13) - Even Newer Beta Build

JohnJohn Admin Mod
edited December 2018 in General Posts: 548

There is a new beta build for Shade. I've started a new thread since the old one was getting pretty massive.


We've moved Shade to a public TestFlight link:

Consequently the discussion thread is now also public.

I've also created a getting started tutorial video on YouTube:

Edit 2

Updated title to reflect latest build number

Here are the build notes:

Known Issues
- Non iCloud storage providers, such as Dropbox and OneDrive do not support bundles
- This means Shade bundles cannot directly be copied into cloud storage providers
- Some experimental nodes may fail to export into Unity correctly, please let us know if you have any issues
- Canvas scroll position coordinates have been adjusted as they were incorrect.
- Your shaders may now have incorrect scroll positions, causing the canvas to appear blank. Use the minimap to find your nodes

- Unity shaders are currently saved within Shade bundles as Unity.shader
- Textures and baked gradients are stored inside Shade bundles

Version 1.0 (12) - Released 2018-12-18
- Complete overhaul of gesture system and touch-based interactions
- Moving nodes and creating / removing connections is now done by hold and drag gestures
- Scrolling and zooming canvas can be done anywhere regardless of where touches start
- Context menu now takes longer to activate to compensate for other hold-based gestures
- Added Face AR preview type
- Added Basic Example - Hologram
- Added improved editor error handling with more detailed error messages
- Added Raymarch, Raymarch Params and SD Box nodes
- Added Camera Position node
- Node property names now begin with lowercase letters when exported to Codea / Unity
- Fixed several crashes related to lua references in native code
- Cleaned up generated shader code formatting
- Added templates menu, including blank and photo filter variations
- Adjusted size of group node resize handles, improved responsiveness
- Improved transform gizmo behaviour for certain camera angles
- Fixed placement of preview models when changing models
- Adjusted initial zoom level in default shader template


  • I am very excited to see this new app. After years with Codea as a primary go-to app for me, Shade will be an exciting addition.

    Upon release, will the price be fixed as shown in the TestFlight beta now?

    Thanks again! I’m a full-time software developer in the day and a i-just-want-to-write-top-notch-professional code in Codea in the evening. I’d love to see Codea reach a tipping point where many, many user-created apps show off the true potential of using Codea (with Shade, Working Copy, etc.) to develop directly on the iPad.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 4,755
    @iam3o5am that’s our plan for the Shade price (though you won’t actually be charged for purchasing the unlock in the beta version)
  • Do you have an estimated/targeted release date in the app store?

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 4,755

    We're aiming for early next year, end of January or February

  • Posts: 1,098

    @John, @Simeon - Shade is looking like a polished product now. Good examples and the reference section, with the videos, gives a good intro. The new entries in the library section look interesting - will you be adding sections in the reference to describe their use arc? One thing I think may be missing is an about section including the version number. Also Codea has a good opening project page which identifies Codea to the user - very impressive. Shade currently opens to a file listing have you any plans to add a Shade page on opening. An alternative might be to open in the editor with a default shader - you could also include in it an image with the TLL logo Shade logo and version number. The user could then close that and go to the filer. Just an idea.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 4,755
    @Bri_G yeah I kind of disklike the file picker as the opening screen. Apple recommends you use it as the opening screen but I prefer your idea of going to a default shader or the last one you were editing.

    I might just try a few things and see how it feels.
  • Posts: 70

    Added a bug to the trello board. When I open a shader I was working on in an older version, it gives an error but doesn’t crash completely out.

  • I’m new to the beta testing side of things here - it bug reporting via Trello the expected approach, and how do I access the board?

  • edited December 2018 Posts: 70

    @iam3o5am the board is here -

    Should be public.

    Also, exporting broken shaders is a pain in the rear. Had to export it from Files to Working Copy - git push to a repo (I made an odds and ends one for things like th0is) - then git clone down on a computer and push out to Dropbox.

  • Public to view, but I suppose I’ll need an invite to be able to post to the board? Is there a Codea beta board as well?

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
    Posts: 548

    @athros I'll look at putting in a zip-export option to make things easier. The other option is to use iCloud which lets you just drop shaders right in and syncs automatically.

    @iam3o5am If you have a Trello account that should be enough to post.

  • Posts: 70
    Don’t worry too much about it @John :) I just wasn’t expecting it to take so much.
  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 4,755

    @iam3o5am this is an invite link you can use for the Shade Trello board

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