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Boxing Sim 2 Players Example

edited May 2012 in Examples Posts: 2

I've created a little fun boxing game for two players:

Have fun!
Andreas Pardeike



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    Hi @paradeike, I love it ! The movements are so fluid and they are like little puppets or rag dolls... :)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    That is brilliant, it reminds me of Ragdoll Masters with a bit of QWOP mixed in.

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    Cool :-bd

    But you need to improve the controls :-(

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    Hey @Connorbot999

    Can you tell me more? What do you like/not like and what do you have in mind to make it better?

  • edited May 2012 Posts: 154

    The controls ar not sensitive

    And the controls need to be More lick a joystick not a circle

    But is still cool ;-)

    And funny :-))

    (Guys im sorry about my spelling)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Connorbot999 please don't make posts that contain no useful information. @pardeike asked for specific feedback. Either answer his question or don't post.

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    No I'm poting it ther becos I lick the siyt neyt.

    I will pot my comment ther

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    Hehe that's cool. And so similar to how I would fight in real life :p

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    This is pretty awesome! I just suggest you turn up the drag a lot and add a little explanation of how the controls work. And now I can beat my friends up! b-(

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    As @Bortels said in another thread - Connorbot999, can you write in proper English? I can't understand a word you say.

    @pardeike This game is fantastic, and hilarious fun! :D love it!

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    Great game. Thank you for posting.

    For some reason I could not receive the email with the code pasted in until I removed this line: = vec2(1, 2)~

    I had to send a small block of code (even line by line after a bit) at a time until I found that line to be the culprit.

    It was worth it though as I really like the project and can learn quite a bit from it.

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    (Guys im sorry about my spelling) :-(

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    Hi, I typed in the code, but I am getting errors. When I checked my typing, I didn't find an error. Specifically:

    line 339: attempt to index local 'part2' (a nil value)
    line 105: attempt to index local 'hand' (a nil value)

    Any help will be appreciated. I am very new to Codea/Lua.

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    This is great!

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