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If ... Then

edited May 2012 in General Posts: 7

you know the command:
if x = y And z = a then ... It Works with And And or in the mid, right?

And what Must i Write if i want And And or?


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,200

    You can use "and" like this:

    if x == y and z == a then
        -- Do the following
  • Posts: 7

    But now:
    If POS.x < var.x And POS.y < var.y then
    --ist dont go if POS.x = var.x but POS.x < var.y

  • edited May 2012 Posts: 1,255

    if pos.x < x and pos.y < y then -- do this elseif pos.x == x and pos.y < y then -- do that end
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