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Using iPad w/ Bluetooth Keyboard (Duplicate Line key shortcut?)

edited February 26 in Questions Posts: 46

Greetings everyone,

In c# syntax, control + D key duplicates the line of code your cursor is on, onto the next line. What is that feature here?
I apologize if this is on here somewhere, I tried searching, maybe doing a horrible job of it from my end.

Also, is there somewhere I can get access to keyboard shortcuts for Codea or LUA

Thank You



  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,054

    If you hold down the command key on your keyboard Codea will pop up with a panel describing the keyboard shortcuts

    But we don't have a duplicate line feature, and that's a really interesting feature. I think everyone has their favourite editor features and we'll need to find a way to accommodate them.

    I think allowing you to write your own Lua-based editor plugins that trigger when you hit a custom shortcut might be the way to go. Need to think about this some more

  • Thank you for your response Simeon.

    I get the feature idea from Visual Basics, as I am studying c# programming on my pc. Which sucks there is not a c# IDE on iOS.

    The closest we have is Continous on iOS, but it is very bad and buggy. Codea however, is god like! If it were capable of running c# I would be in study heaven.

    Love Codea, keep improving, I would gladly pay for powerful features in the future, you guys have bills to pay to!

    When apple releases their AR glasses, this is going to be one powerful app to run from within our AR glasses! Rumors is 2020 to 2021 apples ar glasses.

    Look at Hololens 2 (links below), now imagine this was the apple AR glasses and we were running Codea in this spatial computing? (Hold on a little bit longer Simeon, you guys are about to blow up)

    On stage Key Features demonstration:

    On Stage Collaboration Demonstration:

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,054

    HoloLens 2 looks great. I'm still waiting for VR headsets to hit a resolution where it's comfortable to code in them (I love using the Oculus Rift for 3D modelling but it's no where near good enough for coding yet)

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