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Audio-related bug?

in Bugs Posts: 81

I thought I saw a recent post about this or something similar, but can’t find it.

I am a daily user of Codea, and an endless listener of music. Here’s what happens:

1) Find some great music to listen to...
2) Open Codea, open a project, and run the code
2) End code execution and return to edit mode
3) Now switch out of Codea (any way: home button, swipe, double tap home button)
4) Once you open another app (Safari, Spotify, Working Copy, Shade?!), there’s a noticeable hiccup of sorts in the audio - a quick blip loss of audio, then it returns.
5) Reopen Codea, and the hiccup happens again...

This will always happen. Completely reproducible.

Anyone else having this issue? I’m on an iPad Pro, 1st gen 12.9.



  • pacpac
    Posts: 216

    Yea same iPad but when I did an ios update it quit so just check for an update.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,385

    @iam3o5am sorry about this issue, it relates to something called the "audio session category" on iOS

    Because Codea offers a microphone recording API, as well as music and sound effects playback, it needs to re-configure the audio session whenever it opens. This causes the audio hiccup you can hear when Codea sets the mode to playback + recording. I haven't found a way around this (yet)

  • Thanks @Simeon for the info. It’s far from being a deal-breaker for me. Lot’s of hiccups just means I’m having a good day (music + coding).

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