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Working Copy - lost ability to sync

edited March 2019 in General Posts: 95

Formally @iam3o5am , but anyway:

Working Copy reports errors when I try to sync one of my projects - a project that I’ve synced with many times before with no problems. One (or both) of two actions I took caused the issue. Not sure which:

  • I did a Codea beta version update, via TestFlight
  • I set up a remote repo on my github site and pushed the project. Again, this was done after many previous syncs and commits locally.

Once the syncing wasn’t working, I then removed (probably a mistake) syncing on that particular Working Copy repo.

Is there any way to restore syncing and not lose my git commit history? I know I can just start a new synced directory repo in WC, but then I lose my commit history I believe.



  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,399

    Are you able to clone the repo in Working Copy then open the project directly from the in Working Copy? It won't show up in your Codea projects list but you might be able to edit it like that for now

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    How would one run it in Codea in that form?

  • That seems to do the trick. Thanks @Simeon . “Separating” my code from my IDE, so to speak, isn’t any different than my day job dev, so I think this is a good solution. @RonJeffries when you tap on the .codea project from directly within the Files app -> Working Copy -> YourProject.codea, then it opens in Codea.

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    Ah, thanks. I'll try that if I must ...

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