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Aircode on Mac

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@Simeon - just found a funny whilst using Codea coupled to my Mac by Aircode. Set it up, loaded a project and produced an image on the iPad screen. Noticed that the project didn't have an icon saved so thought I would add that before starting to edit. When I pressed the camera on the iPad screen to take a snapshot for the project icon I heard a camera iris noise and nothing else happened.

Came out of Codea - no icon saved, looked in photos no screen snapshot saved. I know this isn't a high priority but it does look like the connection of Codea on the iPad has negated the saving the icon for the project. Can you confirm


  • Posts: 1,720

    @John - if you note the previous post I have been playing with Air Code and my Mac. Thought occured to me - can you mimic Shade on my Mac through Air Code? Could possibly help in managing big Shaders.

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