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text file in subfolder

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I can read and save text file in my Project folder: readText(“Project:myFile”)
Is there a way to create sub folder and then save files there ? Just to be cleaner: readText(“Project:myFolder:myFile”) ?


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    edited June 2019 Posts: 5,363

    Try using readText("Project:myFolder/myFile") — if it works it's not intentional but it might, given the way this was implemented.

    Hmm but you can't create the subfolder yet. I think this works where you have direct access to folder creation via the Files app (e.g., dropbox, documents) but not for projects.

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    Huhu ... Thanks @Simeon it works ! And to create the sub folder I use Working Copy easy ... The next question will be, will that work when you export that to Xcode :) But I will ask again when I am at that step.

    Thanks ...

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,363

    @dlpnet it should work, try to keep your assets in the "Project" asset pack as Documents and Dropbox are not as easy to get working under Xcode exported projects

  • Just to close the topic, it works just fine on the device, multiple sub folders under Project.

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