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[ New Suggestion ] Quick Number Button

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Hello everyone,

I came here with a new suggestion: Quick Number Button

I often use numbers and I would love to have a shortcut button with numbers.

Let's Look at Some Pictures!

The result

The result

A Picture Says It All! What do you think?

Note: After 123 button was pressed, If you press a number, pop-up will not disappear, unless you press the button again 123. Why? If you want to write the number 1234, is not comfortable pressing the button 123 for each number.


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    I personally find .?123 button in the bottom left of the keyboard sufficient and would want more of the code screen taken up by a pop up number pad and for me this would mean replacing one of the existing function buttons.

    However, it is horses for courses and so a more general request for a customisable keyboard layout might be nice.

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    .@Georgian, I disagree with your suggestion. I find it laborious to use the math keys that are in that place, and I have no difficulty using the built-in iOS keyboard numbers. The main thing with this which I think will not work is the fact you have to move your hand. I hurry code out quickly because with the iOS keyboard, it doesn't change from numbers unless you press the spacebar. This only gets annoying if you are trying to type a sequence such as: 123, 456, 7, 8, 9. This suggestion would not help this because if it was enabled that when you press spacebar it doesn't disappear, you would have a rather annoying number pad blocking up your screen.

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    @Jordan, For me, it is difficult to use the key .?123

    For example, spacebar key. When I write some numbers I write like this: nameFunction(200, 200, 64, 64), every time I press spacebar key, to put that space after comma, again I must press .?123 key, but with this magic button 123, even when I press spacebar key, the pop-up with numbers will not disappear.

    So it will be easier.
    No problem if this idea isn't good. It's ok!

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    How about a user definable, scrollable side to side row of characters that pops up. That way the user can put his/her most used characters in that row and have them all useable with the tap of one button. For instance, when the .?123 or the +-*/ button is pressed, the user row pops up above the keyboard with the definable keys that can be scrolled side to side showing a lot more keys.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    I think it's an idea worth exploring, @Georgian.

    I have been thinking to integrate numbers into the expression keys pop-up for some time. Though as @Jordan says, it can be laborious to use.

    .@dave1707 I'm hesitant to lose even more vertical code editing space (even temporarily), but I have been thinking about a vertically aligned row of keys that appears along the side.

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    .@Simeon, I strongly disagree with vertically aligned numbers. I find whenever I have to move my arm to hit a key, it knocks me out of a typing groove.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Right now when the +-*/ (4th key top row) key is pressed, you pop up a row of 11 keys that disappears when a key is selected. That could be the user defineable/scrollable key area. Since you're already popping up a row of keys, you could expand on that and it won't take anymore room than it does now.

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    My vote would be against number but for user-configurable (for me, it's the ^ symbol that is annoyingly far to get to). And make it properly configurable. Maybe we could write little lua functions that would define actions to be done when a particular button was pressed.

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    .@Andrew_Stacey Ooh, I like that idea! Customizeable keyboard macros gets my vote.

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