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Drop box

edited April 2013 in Bugs Posts: 116

Whenever I try to import sprites from Dropbox and click sync it crashes.
Ipad 3.
Anyone else having this?


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,714

    @wrmichael is it one particular sprite that is causing issues? Can you try removing the contents of your Apps/Codea folder in Dropbox and then re-adding the sprites a few at a time until you make Codea crash. This will help narrow down which file in your Dropbox Codea is having issues with.

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    Incident Identifier: C16C8AC3-82DA-4EAD-B978-F88915823085
    CrashReporter Key: 30992b6d142a4d6d2285bc16fcee35c1c369dfd0
    Hardware Model: iPad3,1
    Process: Codea [8144]
    Path: /var/mobile/Applications/F5FD6880-076B-4D3F-B1BE-38EC0F4F1887/
    Identifier: Codea
    Version: ??? (???)
    Code Type: ARM (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [1]

    Date/Time: 2013-04-12 06:39:32.191 -0400
    OS Version: iOS 6.1.3 (10B329)
    Report Version: 104

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000001
    Crashed Thread: 0

    Thread 0 name: Dispatch queue:
    Thread 0 Crashed:

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    If I go to the configuration screen and try to unlink and select sync and unlink I get

  • Posts: 116

    Sync error, couldn't get file list from drop box.
    Perhaps I deleted the folder it was linked too?

  • Posts: 666

    Maybe remove and reinstall Codea?

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