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Codea 1.5.2 Suggestions



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    I would second @toadkick's suggestion for listProjects() to be added to the Codea API. As I understand it, there is no easy way for standard Lua 5.1 to identify the contents of a directory under iOS, even with os and io enabled.

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    Could we have a parameterPush() and parameterPop() functions? I've tried to implement it myself with a hardcopy of parameter but it does not work, the commands are not exposed. It would be usefull for multiple level menus

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    Dear TLL,

    Since you're passing out gifts, I'd like one. I would like Codea's command line editor to act more like a command line editor.

    I'm working through the book "Beginning Lua Programming" and I've discovered that I can execute many of the exercises directly from the command line--without having to put the code into 'function setup' and hitting the 'go' button. That's really a nice option.

    Yet currently, Codea only places the 'results' of my entered command into that scrollable table along with any returned values or "=>nil" if nothing is returned. It would be nice if, when I executed my command, the typed command itself populated into that scrollable table and then the next line would show the results. That way, I could examine what I typed as well as the results. Furthermore, it would be nice if I could select previously executed commands, from the scrollable table, and have it reappear on the command line. That way, I could make any corrections and execute the command again.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Interesting idea @Ric_Esrey. I like it. I'll see what can be done to improve that area of the UI.

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    Hi all,

    I've always thought we could improve the parameter window. Several suggestions here:

    1. Separate the parameter window from the watch window so we can minimise the loss of the main screen.

    2. Make both windows moveable and dock able.

    3. Have an option to retain full window size or scroll to one side for parameter/watch window.

    4. Make the parameter/ watch background colour selectable and importantly adjustable for transparency so that you can see the screen below it.

    Hope these ideas generate some interest.



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    Hi All,

    Suggestion for the new excellent guide - put the close guide button at the top of the guide window. I hate scrolling down the listing window to get to the top when the close button appears.



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    @Simeon - During the last period I've spent more time with Codea. So, I've some new ideas for Codea version 1.5.3 or 1.5.4. I know that it's easy to propose ideas and another is to apply them, but believe me, I can't resist to not tell you my new ideas.
    In general settings panel you can add more settings.
    So here is a list:

    • 1. When I create a new project, In main.lua and newClass.lua are written some comments and I'm always forced to delete them because these comments bother me. In general settings add the ability to cancel these comments.
    • 2. In general settings add ability to remove from video capture the watermark: Made with Codea. Why? I want to make a game with Codea then I want to record my game and then I'll make a video presentation. In this video presentation I will add my game (video recorded). It would be bad to appear, Made with Codea, in the bottom right corner of video recorded.
    • 3. I created a picture with 2048x1536 resolution for retina display compatible. I need this image as the background for my game. When I import this image, Codea convert this image to my iPad without resolution retina display. This is good. But, When I activate Retina option, this image is converted to resolution 512x384, But this image should be converted to resolution 1024×768.

    That was it ...

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    Can you add an option to create a blank class file? Or create a file as a duplicate from a selected file in another project

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    @Simeon - I would like to know what is your opinion on what I wrote in the last post here.

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    @inancyuce Agreed with that.
    By the way, I wonder if it is possible to incorporate some kind of wait or delay function. I know you can simulate the effect with some simple coding, but it would be fairly easier with a function like that.

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    Sorry to spam the forum with this today, but generic delay/timer functionality has been requested so frequently lately that I think it's worth mentioning again.

    @csolanov this might be of interest to you:

    code: HERE, context HERE and HERE

    IMO there's no need for Codea to provide this functionality, because a simple library will suffice. However, I would not complain if some sort of timer functionality was added to Codea.

    @Simeon There's a couple of things I've noticed over the last couple of weeks I thought I'd mention.

    1. tween() doesn't fire callbacks everytime the tween loops/pingpongs when the loop mode is tween.loop.forever or tween.loop.pingpong. It seems like this would be the desired behavior, as there are often things you might want to do each time a tween loops.

    2. Would it be possible to wrap the chunk compiled by the REPL in a pcall when executing it? It's frustrating when my program crashes because I misspelled something in the REPL, and I have to completely restart.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @toadkick thanks for the report, will look into the tween bug. The REPL code does use lua_pcall to execute your string. Do you have a simple piece of code I can try to reproduce the crash?

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    1. Maybe a more versatile template solution is needed in the future (being able to use your own projects as templates).

    2. That's something you can get rid of by modifying the water mark file (i.e., to an empty image) in iExplorer. I'll have a think about an in-app solution though.

    3. That's odd, that sounds like a bug to me, I'll look into it.

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    @Simeon: ah yes! I didn't realize that Codea paused program execution whenever a REPL error occurred...I thought it was stopping execution completely. Thanks!

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    i'm missing audio files... .wav or.mp3 =(

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    Any timeline on GPS or compass? Thanks.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Mark I still have your API proposal in mind. I can't give an ETA though. I hope we can fit it in while doing the audio features.

    @MadFlyer this one we are working on.

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    @MadFlyer - in the meantime, the new add on api makes it easy to include mp3 functionality in projects you export to Xcode -

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    +1 to @Mark - Any chance to GPS/Location API?

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