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Air code

edited July 2013 in Questions Posts: 355

Because they do not see anything in my browser? I m using the air code

Please ........


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    Help please

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    What browser are you using? Make sure you're not using IE 8 or below. Are you on the same network (WiFi only) as your iPad? Are you putting the ":42000" suffix on the URL?
    Hope that helps.

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    I am having the same issue on my mac. The editor won't show. This is happening on the latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

    This I think is not the reason, but, I saw one thing in the small source code I get on my browser. The HTML has no charset specified, so this will complicate some languages I think? Shouldn't it use something like:

    Thanks, I am looking forward to use this awesome attribute as AirCode sounds!

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    @iBob - That shouldn't matter. In Chrome, you can edit the HTML. Start fooling around with it and see what you get.

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    Yeah, but the problem is that it is not serving the complete HTML.
    I also tested on IE10 on a PC.

    I checked the source code, and there's a piece of CSS, and then on the body tag, there's just 1 empty div:

    So, I think some javascript is not coming out..

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    OMG!!! I found why. I had no project, deleted everything when Installed iOS 7 on my iPad! After load some projects, they appeared on my browser and now I am able to edit... Sorry!!! It works good now! :)
    Btw, for fools like me, it could be a good Idea to show "No projects found" or any other message when there is no projects, instead of an empty white page :)

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    Adding onto what @iBob is saying, I think it'd be nice to be able to create new projects (and classes) from withing AirCode

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    Thanks zoyt

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