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How to trasfear codea code to xcode because i want to upload it on the ipad appstore

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Pleas i want a fast reply



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    You have to download a thing called the Codea Runtime Library. That's about all I know, because I'm eleven years old.

  • And me iam 12 years old

  • Download iExployer
    Connect the iPad to you mac.
    After launching look for Codea in left panel.
    Drag you fileName.codea to the desktop.

  • Can I copy the code to my email and past it to the Xcode with out I explore

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    There is a tutorial on how to do this here:

    No need for iExplorer or the runtime anymore, there is an export to Xcode function in Codea.

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    You don't need to worry about the runtime anymore. With version 1.5, you just export.

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    @reefwing , I ju updde my codea to try the new export function. I am having some apple mach-O linker errors. (e.g. "SSLHandshake", "SSLCreateContext"). Did I miss something out from your tutorial?


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    @zapaper likewise. I tried last night and got 14 mach-o errors

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    @zapaper and @West - version 1.5.3 introduced a bug. @Simeon is on the case. In the meantime:

    In Xcode, open your exported project:

    • Go to your project settings (click on the blueprint icon in the Project Navigator)
    • Select the "Build Phases" tab
    • Expand "Link Binary With Libraries"
    • Click the + button at the bottom of the list
    • Choose "Security.framework" and click add

    Codea 1.5.4 will fix this bug in the exported project template. But you will have to use this workaround for now.

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    @Reefwing - awesome - worked - thanks for the help.

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    Just press and hold on your Codea project, and select "Export." Am I the only one that noticed that?

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    @skythecoder there is a bug in 1.5.3 that doesn't export correctly. Fix is above.

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    Oh, derp...

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    That fixed it for me :)

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