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self in loadstring (ANSWERED)

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I take it any expression given to "loadstring" can't contain "self" because the expression gets evaluated in the global environment where self doesn't exist. True or false?



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    No one knows the answer?

  • You can use self if they are in a function like :

    a = class()
    function a:touched(touch)
       -- you can use self

    And if you want use the "current" self, stock in global just before :

    this = self
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    @starblue generally you are correct, you cannot put self into loadstring without providing a reference to the "self" variable. However considering the "instance" call class:func() is just a short cut or "sugar" for calling class.func(self) and passing through "class" in the self local variable, consider the following example :)

    ClassTest = class()
    function ClassTest:init(x)
        -- you can accept and set parameters here
        self.x = x
    function ClassTest:test()
        loadstring("return function(self) print(self.x) end")()(self)
    test = ClassTest("testclass")
    test:test() -- prints 'testclass'
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    That's useful, thanks.

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