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    It's 5:20 PM where I am...

  • Cool, that mean I'm 9 hours in front of you xD

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    are there moderators on this forum that could move the inpolite and nagging questions? to give some context would be nice, code or a description of the problem to make you intrigued on how to solve it.

    02:41 here with my quite new born son sleeping on top of me, so I dont dare to move. :)

    I like this forum btw, nice mix of people. :)

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    I've been reading this forum a lot, without contributing much, for quite some months now. And as @Prynok said, the quality isn't getting better. But I guess that can't be helped, since the number of Codea users is growing steadily (Which is a good thing of course).

    But honestly, I always liked this community because it is so small. It makes people less anonymous and friendlier.

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    @Kjell +1

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    I think people do ask for more than they deserve on here sometimes. But that's only really when they haven't bothered to get there themselves.
    I have been on here for roughly a year now and from the start I've seen @dave1707 shipping off little codes and snippets to people left right and center, I'm sure you've helped me a couple times so thanks! The problem is this being such a small community compared to bigger forums (I like the smaller community, that way we don't have a new John Doe on every day) and new users will read the forum and posts about tutorials and so on and believe me some of them do, and see the kindness of all of the regulars here chipping in to help each other, and think that it is handed out code when there are a few basic principles pointed out earlier.

    But when a new user does follow tutorials and seeks to learn then it's great watching them go from a newbie to a regular contributor, which I'm sure each new user is capable of given the correct approach!

  • @Kjell I really disagree that the forum is slipping. I just think that some people think that because the human brain is hot wried to find problems and can quite often over look the good things. :)

  • I agree with @Luatee, If a new user takes the time to make an honest effort and try out different things, I will help them, but if they just come here expecting us to make an entire app for them, then.....

  • Perhaps we are being a bit harsh. We should remember that everyone on here comes at Codea from a range of different levels of programming experience, different ages and different motivations for what they want to achieve.

    As the forum (and Codea) gets more popular, the gulf between the advanced user and the beginner will get increasingly more pronounced - thats why (as I have said before) eventually partitioning the forum into different discussions areas to accommodate this makes some sort of sense and less likely to irritate to the more experienced users.

    Unsure why people think the forum has got worse. Certainly there's more traffic and more transient users, but the general enthusiasm and quality of discussions is still first rate.

    There's also nothing better than a good @Andrew_Stacey style lecture on mathematics when we get our terminology wrong ;-)

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    Maybe I am one of the guilty ones here. I have asked for help a few times as I am really struggling with codea and I admit to being slow to learn things that others pick up fast.

    I always do try to thank the people that helped. I also always do try my best to figure things out myself but it gets really frustrating sometimes when I can't seem to do what should be easy. I have tried my best recently not to post for help but sometimes it's very hard when you spend 3-4 days on a problem you cannot solve and know people like Dave on here could probably give you the answer in a matter of minutes.

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    @Paul123 I don't think you're one of the guilty ones. As you said, you spent 3-4 days on a problem, then asked, which means you're trying. This post was originally started because of the rash of posts by users who didn't seem to want to take the time to try. They were after someone to write the code for them, which I don't mind doing, just give all the information up front, not line by line. Then there were multiple discussions for the same thing, which brought out more negative responses than positive. Everyone here has a choice whether to respond to a question or not, to give example code or not, but if someone wants a positive response, don't tell people to respond, but ask.

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    @Paul123 as dave said this doesn't include people like you who make the effort to educate themselves, it's the people who think that they'll learn by reading code that other people have made for them without even trying to tackle the problem themselves. This won't work as you have no way to compare the code people have made to your own if there is no code you've tried with. I don't have problems writing an example for someone who needs to know a long press function or something along the lines of, but if they're constructing a code behind the scenes by asking multiple questions about different parts of their idea/game then that's bad :-q

    @andymac3d We have this already, sort of. The problem is all discussions get posted to the front page. I'm not sure how easily TLL can manage their thread organizer but instead of the latest topic to be posted on have the hottest topic (views/replies/average time between replies) then make the split between topics more defined so have subsections for questions and examples for new people to thrive in.

  • @Luatee - I think the Vanilla community forum engine can easily support all sorts of clever organisational structures such as this and is completely configurable.

    It might be nice to allow people to add a bit more information about themselves on their 'profile' - this might help users gauge other peoples level of experience (and age!) before responding. The current 'About' section is becoming a bit long in the tooth - I think it would be interesting to have a little bit more info on there such as where they are, a brief bio and perhaps a web-page/blog if they have one. :-)

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    @andymac3d That's great if the community gets larger then to organize the topics. I think if it does get big that there should be titles set by moderators possibly so new users can recognize what each person is good at, so if we have someone like space monkey who was good at the 3D would have that in their title.. Someone who does UI design would have that and so on.. I agree with you on the current about section, if you want it to stay being a community instead of a wide forum then people should be keen to introduce themselves.

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    I think the forum is fine just the way it is. It's just that some users want to take a shortcut and don't want to spend the time looking thru the other posts. As for organizing the topics, we already have that. It's on the right side of the forum page under Categories. Maybe we just need more of them there (new users, suggestions, etc). I haven't tried it yet, but can the category of an existing post be changed. If we get more catagories, maybe existing posts can be redirected to show up in a new category that might be of help to the new users.

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    @dave1707 That's what I was thinking, it seems that topics are quite organised, but there are too many that just get put under general. I think it would help with organisation if we had sub-categories, for example a finished code section for people who have projects they have finished then a wip section. Have a questions section like we do now but maybe categorise the questions.. It would make the viewing a lot cleaner as you have to go through pages to find a topic you saw the other day.

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