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Codea Community ~ Take photo of all projects in Codea

edited December 2013 in Suggestions Posts: 23

is it possible to take a Screensot of all my Codea projects... just run it and cant go find them in my documents somewhere... maybe formatted names so one could grep the files the images... would allow you to put a face, to projects that you load in from storage. This would be very usefull for when you are working on a project and would like to load previous saves... or view all that you have accomplished on codea...(on you device), or (previously)

if codea community can load a project and at an delay setContext and save projectScreens.projectName.png


  • Posts: 2,820

    No, you can't set your project logo, but if you compile a list of all the names of your projects, then you can cycle through the names, run the code with load string, and save a photo.

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