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Collective tutorials

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I was thinking about setting up a website sort of like @Ignatz 's coolcodea or codeatuts, not to share my experience as a Codea user (I know nothing!), but to allow for other users to make small games and post tutorials for those games. This might help beginners learn lua/Codea in a more fun, interactive way. Let me know what you think of the idea!


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    That sounds pretty cool, but that could just be done in Codea forums as you would have to set up a different forum site to allow others to post there

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    There's always the wiki

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    @Staples I was thinking of adding a part to my website for this, but I need to make it look a bit better. @Coder I think the wiki is a bit too jumbled, unless it could be organised as it has quite a few examples already.

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    I agree with @Luatee the wiki is a bit jumbled. @Doge It could easily be done in the forums, but you would have to rely on the organization and cooperation of other users. But, as a suggestion @Simeon , I think it would be a great idea to add to the forums anyway. If it is not added to the forums, I just wanted to know how many Codea users would actually visit/use the site as to know if its worth making it.

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    Id visit it

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    @Luatee What is your website? I'd love to take a look at it! :)

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    Have fun, it's real colourful...

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    @Luatee nice! Just checked it out. Did you code it yourself or use wordpress/blogspot?

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    This idea has already been done though, see Codea Community...

    The wiki is there for this purpose too. I agree it is jumbled, which will give you a clue that any new site will end up the same way!

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    @Staples good idea, but i think @Ignatz is right.

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    @Staples I'm no web developer, weebly is the layman's friend! As the others said Codea Community is a full fledged example directory, I wish people would use it more as it had loads of contributions to begin with.

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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    @NatTheCoder, i don't know... weebly lets you pay to remove their branding from the site, which makes it seem a bit more professional

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    @Ignatz @Luatee What is Codea Community? I've heard about it, but how do I use it?

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    @Staples search for CC or Codea community and there should be a 5-6 line installer. Paste the installer in to a new project and run it, wait for it to install. Back out back to the code editor and you'll see CC has been installed over several tabs. Run it again and you should be met by a user name and password text entry in the parameter menu, create a user and password. Login and hit the CC button (usually in the top right) and it should open CC in the inapp browser. I think.

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