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iTunes problem (offtop)

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I decided update my iPad to iOS 7 but during installation I receive this message (initialization service process) "apple mobile device failed to start sufficient privileges". I tried to install it apart - the same problem. I search google but results didn't help me . I also reinstall iTunes for 10 times , tried install from safe mode and older versions of iTunes . Guys, you are my last chance . I have 64 bit windows 7

P.s Sorry for wasting you time and offtop but I'm desperate.



  • If it's a iPad 1 then you can't get it on else if it's a iPad 2 and over go onto settings>general>software update

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    @kirorp I have iPad 3 and I need update it by iTunes

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    Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    Close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Click the Windows Start button Start button.

    In the Start Search field type Services.

    In the Programs section of the search results, Click "Services".

    Select Apple Mobile Device and click Stop the service as shown below:

    Select Apple Mobile Device and Stop the service

    After the service has stopped, click Start the service.

    After the Apple Mobile Device service has started again, open iTunes and connect the device.

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    @Luatee looks very simmilar to other way I tried , but I will test it. Thanks

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    @Luatee don't work for me

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    @lupino8211, is your iPad still fully functioning, or is it stuck in recovery mode?

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    @lupino8211 Try putting the iPad in DFU Mode (Device Firmware Upgrade Mode) as a last resort (if recovery mode doesn't work).

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    @JakAttak full functionally but I need solve only this problem

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    @Saturn031000 my iPad functioning normally. My iTunes have trouble

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    Ok, guys. I don't need help any more, big thanks to you for suggestions . I think a know solution

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    glad you got it sorted out. iTunes is a pain :)

  • @lupino8211 Why did you connect to iTunes on a computer instead of using the over-the-air update function?

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