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Beta 2.1 (1)



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    @Simeon I'm on the latest beta. I managed to install it via iTunes

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    taping the search icon in projects list kills codea

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Andrew_Stacey thank you

    @Jmv38 that one is fixed in the next build

    @toffer thank you for the detailed steps, all fixed now

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    I'm still getting locked into projects by an unresponsive quit button, and then crashes when I try to run.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @JakAttak so to break down what happens:

    • Press back, nothing happens
    • Press run, crashes

    Is that how you trigger this issue?

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    @Simeon, yup that's pretty much it

  • edited September 2014 Posts: 1,976
    1. Back and play buttons in the code editor are still a bit hit-and-miss for me.
    2. Very noticeable lag/freezing when opening, closing, or running a project. (I also tend to press buttons that haven't updated to be visible while the screen is frozen.)
    3. Just noticed a few cases where the old Codea logo (from iOS 6) is being used:
    • When you link Dropbox
    • In the icon for the Shaders example
    • (In different colors) the backgrounds of the icons for some of the built-in sprite packs