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[SOLVED]Problems with music

edited May 2015 in Bugs Posts: 211

Hello guys

I just downloaded Codea from App Store (Beta version expired), when I put music() and will select a music, I pressed the play button but nothing happened, when I used a earphone, I listened the music.

Is this happening with you?




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    Do you have your music in the setup function like this?

    function setup()
    music()--Your music here
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    @G_nex yes! I mean, when I tap between () to choose into folders

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    What generation iPad do you have? And just to be sure: is your sound turned on?

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    iPad 3, iOS 8.3 and yes is turned on

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @erickyamato so it's working on your earphones, but not on your iPad speakers? And your iPad is definitely not in silent mode?

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    It wasnt in silent mode, but now is working @Simeon!

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