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Sharing my personal tween version

I'm sharing with the community my personal version of the tween object. Allow me to:

  • use other units than seconds,
  • stop a "forever" loop,
  • use other units than seconds,
  • pause a tween,
  • use other units than seconds.


  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
    Posts: 5,396

    I believe Codea's tweens can do all these things (apart from using units other than seconds, which I can't see a need for).

    This is how to pause tweens (thanks to toffer)

    local update,noop = tween.update,function() end
    tween.pauseAll = function()
        tween.update = noop
    tween.resumeAll = function()
        tween.update = update
  • Nice trick to pause a tween :-bd, thank you.

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