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Models in Assets

in Codea Craft Posts: 2,230

@John, @Simeon - just spent ages trying to load model file (obj, mtl, textures) into an asset folder so that I can load from local storage. It’s a mess to start with, moving files between apps and Dropbox is torturous (unless you know an easy way).

Any way we can load in from Dropbox and save to Asset files using Codea code?

Also, any chance of getting obj and mtl as valid text files in Asset folders? (Have I asked for this before?)

I can get the untextured models in but struggling to get the textures to apply.

I know the models from kenny aren’t stored, visibly, local - are they held outside Codea but in other folders?



  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,613

    @Bri_G you should be able to copy them into a local assets folder by using the "Add To" function. Press "Edit", select some assets, and then press "Add To" to move them to your Documents.

  • Posts: 2,230

    @Simeon - thanks for the reply I managed to transfer the files with the Apple filemanager as follows:

    Find the Dropbox folder containing the files of interest.
    Touch select followed by tapping on the files of interest.
    Tap on Share at the bottom of that window.
    Tap on Save Files.
    Tap on 'On My iPad'.
    Tap on Codea folder.
    Tap on Assets file targetted.
    Tap on Add to complete transfer.

    Bit tortuous but it worked. Couldn't find the option you mentioned above.


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