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Forum bug, keyboard over input text box

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Hello all,
I’m typing this blind because I cannot see the textbox where this textis displayed, because the keyboard pops over it. This bug seems to have returned again. I hope it will be fixed soon since I cant ask more elaborate questions like this.


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    Ah, the keyboard doesn’t pop over the reply box so maybe I can ask my actual question in here as well.

    What does f(...) mean?
    I found it in @mpilgrem s post about L systems ( I pasted the relevant code bit below, i understand what the code is supposed to do, Im just unsure about the triple dot in the function declaration?

    function L:grow()
        local function f(...)
            return self.rules[arg[1]]
        self.state = self.state:gsub(self.pattern, f)
  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited February 2019 Posts: 8,066

    @Kirl The ... means there is a variable number of arguments. They can be accessed using arg[some number] depending on the number of arguments.

    function setup()
    function var(...)
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    Awesome, thanks dave! =)

    Btw typing blind again... =(

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,066

    @Kirl What are you typing on. Once the keyboard comes up, the background can be scrolled up to show the keying area. At least that’s on an iPad.

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    On ipad as well. This happens ocasionally, usually the page scrolls automatically, but sometimes it’s like the page doesn’t detect the keyboard popup. So the keyboard slides right over the input textbox, i can scroll a little bit while holding (like the end of a page) but as soon as i release it pops back. Unfortunately I cant type while holding either...

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