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Codea for Web

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On Twitter I read that @John is working on a new engine for Codea that is cross-platform. Does this mean we'll see a HTML5 Codea Runtime anytime soon?


  • As I've ask, really not anytime soon :

    John Millard : I’ll be tweeting about the progress as it reaches various milestones. The plan is to support iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. Not sure about Web as that’s pretty tricky.

    But seems feasible with a lot of works :
    - need first to update loveCodea, the wrapper of codea functions in love2d
    - and use LoveWebBuilder to publish Love2d games on the web

    Not straighforward, but I will try when time will be available... Maybe at the end of the year, when I expect to defense my thesis... So if anyone have the time to try it before me, I and expect so, don't hesitate to contact me here or preferably on my twitter : HyroVitalyProtago

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    thank you for the information!

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    @se24vad - made a few simple updates to loveCodea so it runs on Love2D 9. Main problem with the wrapper though is that the 3D functions wont work - Love2D 11 now has 3D functions built in so may revisit to see if I can update the wrapper (probably go wooosh over my head though).

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    @Bri_G having codea run on löve is a first step and would certainly help, but then löve needs to run on the web; however all of those wrappers are out of date as well...

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Web would be really cool, we're still talking about it though.

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