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Any plans for Scene Editor?

edited October 2019 in Suggestions Posts: 6

So I was wondering, are there any plans to create a scene editor tool for codea in the near future? Sort of like Unity3D or Playcanvas scene editors where you would be able to work with the assets and than write lua scripts for the placed assets to do certain things?


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    I am working on a 2D one. However, it's still far from being finished as I haven't been able to continue working on it for quite a while now. I still plan on finishing it, though, once I find the time.

  • Nice to hear that, I think I heard Simeon was working on 3D one at least he mentioned it on twitter.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @valko that's the plan, to start just something to position objects and load models and set up a scene

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    @Simeon Sorry for asking, but do you have an update on when the scene editor will be ready?

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    @Simeon Sorry for asking, but any progress on the 3D scene editor? If scene editor will ever be made real for codea, this would be a HUGE step for the whole platform. I can't express how bad I want to see this feature in Codea. Scene editor would open a whole new experience for game creation on iPad using codea. I realise thought it's not an easy task.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @valko i agree with you. Having a visual way to set up 3D scenes, even if it starts very simple, is really important. I don't have an ETA though
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