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Sound function

I want to dig deep into the sound function. Is there any documentation beyond the in app reference. The best it does is guide me with syntax. It doesn’t give the range of values per parameter, nor a description of what each affects. Blindly playing around only gets me so far, and slowly at that. I do have a bit of sound engineering background and recognize some of it, but docs would really do the trick.

Thanks to any who point the way!


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 10,049

    @bitmage Usually the reference is all there is. You can do a forum search to see if anything else of interest shows up. Other than that, you’re left with just playing around which you’re doing.

  • @dave1707 thanks. Wasn’t sure if the sound function was a drop in from some established library. If that was the case I might be able to hunt down some kind of doc. I’ll snoop the forums some more after work and see what I can find. I bet in the end I cobble some doc for myself. Hehe

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 10,049

    @bitmage You could do a google search and see what you can find. Sometimes there can be similarities between what you find and what’s being do in Codea.

  • Posts: 2,726

    @bitimage - if you look at the twolivesleft page on the link from the bottom of the projects page you can see a list of all the contributors and libraries involved. Tried to list the relevant parts below:

    Sprite Packs Planet Cute art by Daniel Cook (Lost Garden) Small World art by Daniel Cook (Lost Garden) SpaceCute art by Daniel Cook (Lost Garden) Tyrian Remastered art by Daniel Cook (Lost Garden) Platformer Art art by Kenney ( Space Art art by Kenney ( Music & Sound Packs A Hero's Quest music by Mark Braga (Airblank) Game music by Mat Vecchio (Mat Vecchio Music) Example Projects by James Frost Mark Sumner Andrew Stacey Phillip Alvelda Jonathan Brodsky Jason Boettcher Andy Newton Libraries Lua Box2D ParseKit AFNetworking CCTexture2D (from Cocos2D) GLM LuaSocket dkjson sfxr libb64 UIImage-PDF NDTrie RHIntervalTree ObjectAL luaparse UIDevice-Extension Animation system based on tween.lua HPGrowingTextView CocoaHTTPServer MBProgressHUD GRMustache ZipKit Anax Wink-Signals libnoise jsoncpp Shaders based on the three.js project stb_image.h MTZWhatsNew Codea Runtime Contributors CJ Hanson
  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
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    @bitmage I've started work on a new project to update the API documentation. I've added this bindings file for the sound source Lua type here:

    Basically when you call a sound() command you get a soundsource object in return which allows you to manipulate the playing sound with various properties and methods

  • @John , @Bri_G fantastic! Thanks guys great stuff. I sense coffee in my near future.

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