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Codea 1.4

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I wondered if maybe you should drop the Dropbox Support for the moment, if that is the only thing that prevents 1.4 from happening.

It could come back in a newer version when the sdk is updated, but for now the camera roll import would be a huge leap on its own and one could export dropbox images into the camera roll outside Codea...


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    And btw., i Love Codea, its one of the most awesome things on the AppStore!!! And its easy to see, that its getting better and better... :)

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    Hopefully Dropbox updated their SDK already. I know they said it was looking like Monday was going to be the date. I know the feeling though, I'm chomping on the bit just for the Network API.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    They have just updated it. I'll be integrating the fix and submitting it tonight.

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    Awesome News! Hope Apple accepts it!

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    +1 from me as well!

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    Oh the wait is killing me! I was really hoping Apple would push it through by today in time for my flight in the morning. Oh well :P

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    Same here, I'm looking forward to the new sprite mgt!

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    The 1.4 is in the apple store

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    I can't wait to play with this

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