Redesigned & Rebuilt

Codea 2.0 has been redesigned for iOS 7 and rebuilt for 64-bit architectures. Numbers are double precision in your code, meaning more accurate calculations. And with version 2.0, Codea is also 40% smaller in size. It's faster, sleeker and better than ever before.

Music, Sounds & Assets

Codea 2.0 features a revamped unified asset system and brand new music tools. Making it easy to play real music and sound effects in your creations. Not only that, Codea 2.0 ships with three great music and sound packs, composed just for Codea and free for you to use in whatever you create.

Smartest Code Editing

The code editor has been completely rewritten for Codea 2.0. And comes with some stunning new features. Errors show up live, as you type. Smarter autocompletion picks up your local and global variables, including nested types. Everything else is just plain smarter, from indentation to highlighting.

Find, Replace

Refactor quickly with the new find & replace sidebar. Pull it up to quickly search your entire project, then replace individual matches. Make a mistake? You can quickly revert individual replacements to undo errors.


The new Location library lets you make use of the GPS inside your iPad. Get your latitude, longitude, altitude and more with a dead-simple API designed specifically for Codea.

All The Small Things

Codea 2.0 is packed with many more features. Including a great new overlay display mode, pasteboard API, improved Shader Lab, remotely downloadable assets, enhanced render engine. And much, much more.

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Get Codea 2.0

Codea 2.0 is available as a free update for all existing users. You can download Codea on the App Store.